When the brake pads in your Mitsubishi wear down on your rotor, you usually begin to hear a high-pitched, squeaking sound any time you apply pressure to your brakes. This is a good test to know if it's almost time to change your brakes. However, newer Mitsubishi models have brake pad wear sensors installed as part of their system, so you could also see alerts on the driver's dash that it's time to replace your brake pads. When you wear your brakes too low, the amount of brake fluid used increases as it requires a longer stroke of the piston to press down on the rotor, so you may need to replace your brake fluid as well.

If you're looking for brake pad replacement or brake fluid replacement in Ewing, NJ for your Mitsubishi vehicle, look no further than J&S Mitsubishi. We've been serving Mitsubishi brake pad and brake fluid needs in Ewing, NJ, Trenton, NJ, Princeton, NJ, Levittown, NJ and the greater Philadelphia, PA metro for years now. Call or stop by J&S Mitsubishi today for all of your brake needs!]

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