Genuine Mitsubishi parts for genuine satisfaction

You can get auto parts in a lot of places. What you can't get in a lot of places is the satisfaction of genuine Mitsubishi parts. Another thing you can't get everywhere is the reassurance of the parts expert who can make sure you get the parts your Mitsubishi needs. Whether you drive a Mitsubishi Outlander, Outlander Sport or Mitsubishi Mirage, count on genuine Mitsubishi parts from us at J&S Mitsubishi in Ewing NJ.

Common automotive parts

No matter what you drive, there are certain parts that are common to all gasoline-powered vehicles. It starts with the engine, the heart and soul of your vehicle. Then there's the transmission, the gearbox that harnesses the engine's torque to move you forward.

After that, you have other components like your battery, alternator, radiator, front axle, front steering and suspension. We can supply all those parts for our valued customers in Langhorne PA and Trenton, NJ, along with our parts expertise, at J&S Mitsubishi.

We sell genuine Mitsubishi OEM parts

Genuine Mitsubishi OEM parts are confirmed by the quality of the company that stands behind them. Genuine Mitsubishi parts give you a warranty while aftermarket parts often don't. It's easier to choose OEM parts because it's a more limited universe of options. Generic, aftermarket parts from many resources other than our dealership are harder to select because there are so many parts to choose from.

Genuine Mitsubishi parts come with a parts warranty

One of the reasons it makes so much sense to get genuine Mitsubishi parts is because you get the protection of a warranty. In the case of a brand-new Mitsubishi Outlander or Outlander Sport, you're protected by the unexpired term of the new vehicle warranty. After that warranty has expired, you're still protected by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first. That's why genuine Mitsubishi parts give you genuine peace of mind.

Cheaper generic parts can cost you more in the long run

It can be tempting to try to save a few dollars by purchasing cheaper, generic aftermarket parts from someone other than our dealership. A parts guy at an auto parts store in Levittown, PA might tell you that his parts are "just as good as Mitsubishi." But all too often, the reason those parts cost less is because they're made with cheaper materials and follow a lower- quality manufacturing process.

The part might work initially but if it fails, the repair could cost you a lot more than you saved in the first place. What's more, a low-quality aftermarket part that you buy from a non-dealership source might not only fail but might damage other parts in the process. When a part is made to fit every car, it doesn't fit any car very well. The damage to those other parts can be expensive, especially when you have no warranty to protect you.

Our aftermarket parts: The next best thing to genuine Mitsubishi


There are times when it can make sense to use an aftermarket part. For example, you may be doing a DIY repair at home on a non-Mitsubishi vehicle. In that case, you don't want generic, aftermarket parts from just anybody. At J&S Mitsubishi, we sell higher-quality aftermarket parts that fit better than ordinary aftermarket parts. These parts are well worth the small extra investment.

Insist on genuine Mitsubishi parts: We do


Don't compromise on quality when you're replacing parts in your Mitsubishi. You'll get genuine Mitsubishi parts when you have service done at our service center so schedule an appointment soon at J&S Mitsubishi in Ewing NJ.

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