Entrust the Care of Your Car Tires to the Pros

Your car's tires affect everything, from safety to fuel efficiency. Like any of your car's components, tires require a watchful eye and periodic maintenance or replacement. When your Mitsubishi's tires need to be changed or otherwise serviced, don't entrust such an important job to just any auto shop. Bring it to factory-trained technicians who work exclusively on Mitsubishi vehicles - right here at J&S Mitsubishi's service center!

Radial Responsibility: The Importance of Car Tire Care

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends getting replacement tires every six years. This is an investment that practically pays for itself, not only by helping to keep you safe but also by optimizing your vehicle's gas consumption.

Your Mitsubishi's tires must be dependable - they get you through snow, rain, sleet, and hazardous road conditions. As you drive, tires begin to wear down and are rendered less reliable. We recommend that once a month you check and make sure your tires (including your spare) are properly inflated.

Additionally, it's crucial to be aware that poor tire alignment can also wear down your tires unevenly and quickly. Depending on the model, different kinds of tires wear more rapidly than others. When this happens, your tires lose traction and perform poorly overall, leading to potential mishaps. Want a professional to take care of all of this for you? No problem - turn to J&S Mitsubishi!

Why Depend on J&S Mitsubishi for Car Tires?

When you bring your Mitsubishi car or truck to J&S Mitsubishi, we're sure to provide any tire service you need. Here's why:

The Correct Tires

A lesser auto dealership may try to upsell you on an unfit tire to boost their profits - but not us! Since our technicians are well-versed in all things Mitsubishi, we can provide your vehicle with the right tires for your model.

Expert Installation

Not only will our informed decision-making ensure you get the most out of your Mitsubishi, but our expert installation process also ensures smooth handling and optimal service life.

Major Brands

We carry several brands, including (but not limited to) Dunlop, Nexen, and Yokohama.

Competitive Prices

Sometimes, the right tires come with a hefty premium. But with J&S Mitsubishi, we'll work with you to find deals that will get you back on the road without breaking the bank.

Road Hazard Coverage

Eligible tires purchased at our Mitsubishi dealership include 24-month Road Hazard Coverage, which includes all-inclusive coverage for the first two years as well as $40 per repair occurrence.

Your Mitsubishi Car Tire Professionals

Our Mitsubishi service center helps you care for your tires. From alignment tests and pressure checks to complete replacement, our technicians are here to not only make sure you're enjoying the best ride possible but that you're safe doing so.

Visit or contact our Mitsubishi dealership in beautiful Ewing, NJ, and let our service department handle your auto maintenance needs! Not only can we help you with tire changes, but we can also assist you in tire inspections, alignments, rotations, and other services. For more information about how our technicians can help you care for your car's tires, contact J&S Mitsubishi today!